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  • The polish design, a promising future 1

    The polish design, a promising future

    The polish design, a promising future Nowadays, Poland is having a strong position and a bright future in the design world. Inspired by its history, le polish design is characterized by the fixture between handcraft and modern technologies. A little bit of history We will have to wait until the 90’s to finally discover the [...] More
  • Frederic-Saulou-Mobilier-Rangements-Savannah-Bay-Gallery

    Frédéric Saulou reveals his new fine furniture collection: “A-symmetry”

    Frédéric Saulou, A French designer who works out of Rennes (France), will be revealing, in early 2018, his latest fine furniture collection - « A-symmetry » - which features a side table, a console, and a shelf. This collection is inhabited by two ideas, those of confrontation and convergence. A confrontation of materials, a convergence of shapes [...] More
  • Richard Yasmine, orientalism and eroticism 2

    Richard Yasmine, orientalism and eroticism

    Richard Yasmine is a Lebanese decorator and designer, based in Beirut. Both impregnated with its oriental culture and fervently engaged in fashion of contemporary life, he elaborates collections of furniture and art objects that are completely new mixing precious materials, detailed patterns, pure lines and erotic allusions... Richard Yasmine remains very inspired by motifs specific [...] More
  • Frédéric Saulou, an organic design 3

    Frédéric Saulou, an organic design

    Frédéric Saulou is a young, talented designer of barely thirty years of age. He lives in Rennes and produces truly original collections of furniture, lighting and pieces of art. Often combining different skills, Frédéric Saulou conceptualizes each project as a study in its own right, almost sculptural, always preferring a sensitive and poetic approach to …

  • hormé-paris-savannah-bay-gallery-design

    Hormé, mythological design

    Founded by two really good friends and designers, Parisian design studio Hormé conceives very precious and elegant pieces of furniture. Inspired by Greek mythology and the wealth of its stories, fantasy and symbolism, the name Hormé was chosen to represent its inspirations, evoking the idea of ​​an impulse – just like the impulse that brought …

  • Portrait-Frederic-Pellenq-Savannah-Bay

    Frédéric Pellenq, a metamorphic design

    . . Frédéric Pellenq, architect, lives and works in Paris.  Originally from South Eastern France, devoted to the alpine environment but equally fond of his grandparents’ Mediterranean homeland of Corsica, Frédéric Pellenq takes his inspiration from the nature, diversity and contrasts found in these surroundings. Passionate about wood work, it’s no coincidence that he chose …

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