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B-15z Lounge Chair by Artefatto x Secolo

2,000 2,100  HT

B-15z lounge chair is a creation by Artefatto Design Studio for Secolo

H72 x L100 x D98 cm (seat H42 cm)

* Velvet: 50 colors
* Wall: 6 colors
* Coco: 15 colors

Choose your fabric, we will then contact you to choose the color.

Lead time: 3 to 4 weeks

[Transport on estimate]

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B-15z lounge chair is an armchair signed by Artefatto Design Studio for Secolo. B-15z is named after a huge iceberg that broke away from an even larger ice shelf in Antarctica. B-15z looks like it was a part of Tateyama Sofa but works as a perfect accompaniment or on it’s own. It is slightly oversized and extremely comfortable. A soft lounge chair perfect for any situation or setting.

B-15z lounge chair by Artefatto x Secolo comes in a variety of fabrics: Velvet, Wall and Coco.

Artefatto Design Studio – based in London – conceive very elegant furniture design collections under the name Secolo. Velvet chairs, poufs, sofas and armchairs, marble tables, brass details: all the creations by Artefatto for Secolo show a unique contemporary design between generous curved shapes and noble material.
Find out all the poufs from de Giardino Botanico collection and also mirrors, tables and sofas.

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