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Rondo Mirror by Zieta Prozessdesign

1,090 2,760  HT

Mirror designed by Zieta Prozessdesign

Stainless steel

Three sizes available:
* 75 x 6 cm
*120 x 6 cm
* 150 x 6 cm

More models of mirror are available in this collection: check out sizes and prices here

Production leadtime: from 2 to 4 weeks.

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“Rondo” is a mirror designed by Zieta Prozessdesign which is a Polish design studio founded by well known designer Oskar Zieta. RONDO mirror by Zieta Prozessdesign is available in three different sizes: 75cm, 120cm or 150cm. RONDO mirror by Zieta is also available in various finishes: green, blue, gold.

Zieta is best known for his collection of stools “Plopp” made through  the technologist FIDU. With the same principle Zieta Prozessdesign conceived mirror collections made of stainless steel. Two laser-cut metal sheets are first welded together before air is injected between them until they separate from each other forming a three-dimensional object.

“Rondo” mirror

Stainless steel

75 cm Diameter – 6 cm Depth
1 100 €

120 cm Diameter – 6 cm Depth
1 400 €

150 cm Diameter – 6 cm Depth
2 200 €

Production leadtime: 2 to 4 weeks

More models of mirrors are available in this collection
Check out sizes and prices here

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